Killing Peace

Written by: PP on 31/05/2007 15:38:50

"Spitting blood in the face of Goooood", the opening phrase in the title track of Onslaught's fourth album "Killing Peace", gives you a good idea what to expect from this well known thrash metal act from the 80s that only recently reformed to record their new album after spending 14 years on hiatus. "Killing Peace" makes it no secret that its writers were heavily influenced by Slayer not only instrumentally, but also lyrically, as songs like "Twisted Jesus" and "Prayer For The Dead" demonstrate. We're talking about a deeply rooted anti-Christian stance presented on the album, not directly satanist but at least slightly hinting into that direction like the artwork also suggests.

Musically, Onslaught's riffs 'slay': they are lightning speed and grind their way into your skull through racy repetetive passages and technical solos. Frontman Keeler's angry yells are similar to those by Tom Araya though he occasionally steps towards a more growled stance as well as the occasional heavy metal shriek in the process. This solidifies the sinister mood that their instruments exhibit, and is essentially very similar to so many other bands in the thrash genre.

However, what makes Onslaught's return so much more triumphant than most releases in the genre is how the songs are performed on the album. The band purposefully restricts itself to a confined sound, making the music sound much tighter and more powerful, demanding headbangs from even the most casual metal listener. It is simply a great reminder of what old school thrash must sound like, albeit dressed in a much modern way considering how the production is crystal clear.

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