Fall of the Elite EP

Written by: LF on 02/03/2014 20:03:06

Having released their "Fall of the Elite" EP regionally about a year ago, Scottish metal-band Animus are now going for a wider release, and this is a good thing because this band deserves to be pushed to a wider audience. Anyone who's into nice and heavy deathcore-infected music with a taste for the progressive should get a kick out of this intense four-track EP.

It sets an ominous tone as opening track "Damnation" begins with the sounds of heavy breathing and muffled screams over a low bass-line that builds up quickly to a head-nodding breakdown. By the time the furious growling makes its entrance, the listener is virtually grabbed by the hair and forcefully pulled into the midst of the fray. The song has lots of breaks which makes for some catchy and varied rhythms, and the beastly growls reminds me of older Bring Me The Horizon recordings. When next song "Db666" thunders away, further building up the tension of this potent EP, it does so not only at a nauseating pace but also supported by complex guitar-riffs, which effectively shine through the somewhat muddled sound. The breakdown roughly three minutes into "Home(Less)" followed by an intensely groovy solo is definitely a highlight of the EP albeit also a slightly chaotic one. A lot of sounds are fighting for space, and especially the drums sound very hollow from time to time, and a tighter production could no doubt take care of that. The fact that the music despite this hits the listener as brutally as it does, is thus a testament to the music-writing skills of Animus.

After this release of tension, "Fall of the Elite" lets us breathe a little with a short piano and guitar intro, before breaking down into a regular ear-hanger of a riff that sends us flying for the last five minutes of the recording. Although it has an irresistible intensity to it, the EP isn't able to stand out musically, and Animus certainly has potential for experimenting with a more unique sound, seeing as they are already nailing it concerning the beastly intensity and brutal breakdowns this kind of music prides itself on. In that respect this is a fine EP, and I will be looking forward to hearing Animus developing their sound in the future.

Download: Damnation, Fall of the Elite
For The Fans Of: (early) Bring Me The Horizon, After The Burial, Suicide Silence, Bleed From Within

Release Date 03.03.2014

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