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The Game Is Over

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Stand For Truth is a hardcore band from Belgium formed in 2010 with lead singer Angelo formerly of Do Or Die and other members known in Belgium from such bands as Evergrey Sky and The Last Audience. The band’s debut album entitled “The Game Is Over” was released in November and it is the first release from the band since their self-titled EP from 2010.

Stand For Truth play no-nonsense hardcore in the vein of Terror and Born From Pain. The dynamics of the songs are really good with fast paced shredding, double bass pummeling, melodic riffs and heavy breakdowns. The vocalist is talented and gives a passionate and aggressive performance throughout the album in a mid-to-high pitch that complements the music really well. Because of his country of origin, he does have a bit of an accent, but most of the time it is not that noticeable and never becomes an annoyance. “The Game Is Over” has many highlights for the hardcore fan, listen for instance to the big breakdown on “Friendship” where the vocalist screams “we never walk alone!” or the repeating gang vocal shouts of “pride, faith, strength” from “Bleed Forever”. There is plenty on this record to satisfy hardcore kids of all ages, and should the band ever grace our presence here in Denmark, I can imagine some major moshing would take place.

There is nothing really surprising about “The Game Is Over” but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If a band plays well, has a lot of passion and the direction of the album is clear and focused, those should be the most important things. By no means is Stand For Truth an original or innovative band, but they are not trying to be either. They just play really good hardcore music and fans of bands such as Terror and Death Before Dishonor should give this band a chance.

Download: Consigned to Oblivion, Friendship, Bleed Forever
For The Fans Of: Terror, Born From Pain, Death Before Dishonor
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Release Date 02.11.2013
Independenza Recordings

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