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Written by: LF on 01/03/2014 21:30:55

The Swedish post-punk group The Exploding Boy takes its name from a B-side by The Cure, and while a comparison in sound between the two bands might not be entirely spot on, the inspiration can definitely be heard. They describe their music as independent-pop-goth-post-punk, and that along with the inspiration from The Cure might give you a pretty good idea of what kind of music to expect from them. This is their fourth album and it is appropriately named "Four".

From the get-go it's impossible not to imagine yourself back in the 80's because of the way the frantic music is layered with dreamy synths, roaring guitars and echo-effects all around on a back-bone of tight drumming with that characteristic 80's snare. It's intriguing and well-executed but unfortunately that's all we really get. There's never any change in the mood of the songs and while it is a deliciously subtle, unnerving mood, I can't help but feel bored after a while although little details in some of the songs call on my attention. "Always" has a wonderful synth riff and vocals that sound blissfully apathetic and stand out as they are somehow less robotic than elsewhere on the album. "Dark City (Pt. II)" enters with a dark and up-tempo beat that relentlessly drives the song forward over an ominous guitar riff into an explosive chorus which has a fairly catchy melody. "Street Cliché" is somewhat similar to it in structure, but has a combination of roaring guitars and a solid keyboard riff in the chorus that makes me bop my head every time I hear it.

The big problem with this record then, is that the catchy hooks and intriguing sounds that grip my attention from time to time are never properly followed up on in the songs. Instead of developing in any direction, the album just wraps its listener in a massive blanket of layered guitars and unending melancholy that, although unnerving in its own almost beautiful way, just feels annoyingly heavy after a while.

Download: Always, Street Cliché, Dark City (Pt. II)
For The Fans Of: Editors, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy

Release Date 18.10.2013
Artoffact Records

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