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Killer Inside

Written by: PP on 30/05/2007 15:42:01

I don't even know where to start destroying Bleed The Dream's "Killer Inside". Would it be its incredible predictability or the inclusion of a number of retardedly titled ballads like "Vampires (Don't Kill For THe Money)" or the cliché emo-pop sound of "Voices"? Or would it be their outshining ability to write boring songs that say absolutely nothing to you after the third listen, or the fact that they have absolutely no lasting value?

Am I being too harsh here? I don't think so. "Voices" and "You'll Have To Lie, To Be Honest" are individually good songs even if they lack identity and credibility, but overall blend into the grey mass of songs on the album that sound monotoneous and, frankly, boring as fuck. These guys played in between bands at Taste Of Chaos and they bored the living shit out of me already then, but this, their sophomore album, just takes the mick. It makes me want to end my life here and now like those people on that dreaded cover. I realize I haven't described how they sound properly, but the best (and in my opinion only) way to describe Bleed The Dream is 'post-hardcore/emo/metalcore band reduced to pop level'. The instruments are simplistic and faded to the background, the singer's voice sounds like it was recorded from the radio and.. the songs are just so predictable you grow uninterested to them straight away. Especially "Closer" fits all the aforementioned description, but truly the best way to describe this album is with a picture.


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For the fans of: From First To Last, Acceptance, Emmanuel
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Release date 10.04.2007

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