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First Things First

Written by: BL on 28/02/2014 22:19:11

Across The Atlantic are an incredibly new band from San Antonio, Texas who play a kind of pop punk influenced post-hardcore largely in the vein of bands like A Day To Remember and Close To Home. What you can be sure to expect are super catchy choruses, some fairly typical screamed verses, and even a few heavy breakdowns thrown in for measure. Any ADTR fan will likely scofff at just how many similarities this debut EP "First Things First" has with ADTR's discography because it's an inescapable presence. But while on one hand it's hard to really discern any noteworthy individuality, it's also so convincingly done that the for such a small band they sound so much bigger and established than they are in actuality. The lyrics too are predictably about friends, strength through adversity and reminiscing about the fun past, what else could it have been?

All harsh initial criticisms and comparisons aside, this EP has a smattering of various moments that show plenty of promise. "Chasing Streetlights" has a particularly enjoyable refrain and sweetly incorporated pop punk guitars over the usual fare. Yeah you've probably heard every aspect of this song before, but it's hard to deny that you will probably want to nod your head along. "Cut The Brakes" proves more lacklustre as it introduces the screamed vocals, which aren't the most subtle nor particularly impressionable. Again the song picks up in the latter third with some of the most ADTR-sounding elements you will ever likely find outside of ... well ADTR themselves. "Written For Hollywood" is the heaviest song on the EP, and would have probably scored infinitely better if the screams were absent as the clean hooks far outweight whatever gain having these brocore segments bring to the table - especially with that ridiculous breakdown at the end which is like a thumb tack to a sore thumb. "Real Friends" meanwhile has the most overused sounding lyrics of the bunch "we'll stand together til its done, together til we fall." and "through thick and thin, I'll always have my friends", but that very chorus is simply massive - a real hummer that sort of refuses to leave your brain even if it's feeling a cheap dirty tactic.

"First Things First" in its short play though is not as regrettable as one may jump to the conclusion of, if you ignore the already overstated external influences being everywhere ofcourse. On the bright side, this EP has infectious qualities that are admirable. And it's perhaps a more understandable tactic to get noticed when you write something so akin to a big name when your band is this young like in Across The Atlantic's case, but that questionable first free pass is all one should afford to give.


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For the fans of: A Day To Remember, Close To Home
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Release date 14.02.2014

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