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Written by: BV on 27/02/2014 15:33:54

There are very few things I generally know about Scotland. I do, however, know that "Scotland's foremost Hawkwind tribute band", The Cosmic Dead, quite unsurprisingly hail from that very place. Calling themselves a tribute band of the greatest space-rock band ever might just be denoting their own merits though, as The Cosmic Dead have released a string of fantastic, vast journeys of sound on albums for quite a few years. Last year’s “Inner Sanctum” was a great example of this, causing me too feel somewhat excited that the band is already back with a new release titled “EasterFaust”.

“EasterFaust” is essentially a powerhouse of an album built up around a mere two tracks – “EasterFaust part 1” and “EasterFaust part 2”, both of which span approximately 20 minutes. The former starts out in a familiar vein, when comparing it to the previous Cosmic Dead releases. It’s a slow build-up concentrated on some ’lazily’ performed drumming and a droning tremolo-guitar. As the track continues to build, spacious effects are taken into use, so as to create the atmospherics associated with space-rock. It’s a long, uncompromising ride-along for approximately seven minutes – interrupted only by the introduction of distorted vocals and other crazy effects. However, as the track reaches the 12-minute mark, a climax of sorts is reached – resulting in a stunning, albeit repetitive, riff that chugs its way through the whirls of psychedelic soundscapes, eerie effects and the, now quite bombastic, drumming. As the track completely implodes amidst a mayhem of echoes, cacophony and fuzz, I can’t help but think that The Cosmic Dead have already outdone the work they did on “Inner Sanctum”.

Equally so, “EasterFaust part 2” is filled with transcendent riffs, fuzzy guitar-work and a veritable chaos amidst which pure space-rock brilliance is being concocted. However, it is unfortunately also at this point that things tend to drag on for too long. For reasons still quite obscure to me, “EasterFaust part 2” seems to lack much of the same power and edge which made “EasterFaust part 1” stand out. Granted, “EasterFaust part 2” does, in many ways, seem like a continuation of the work on part 1, however it seems far less focused and, as such, I too lack the focus throughout my repeated listens.

Both tracks are still of a quite high standard though, and The Cosmic Dead did indeed manage to improve on the sound of “Inner Sanctum” – coming up with what is essentially their best album since “The Exalted King”. It might not be their best work or a classic for that matter, but it’s still a great, utterly lysergic space-rock escapade.


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For the fans of: Föllakzoid, Hookworms, Hawkwind
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Release date 20.02.2014
Sound of Cobra

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