Omen Ex Simulacra

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Balancing on the fine line between masterfully executed atmospheric death metal with an alluring occult theme, and what some would probably call overblown synth work with an overdone theatrical approach, the parish of Ævangelist gathered a significant following after the success of 2012's "De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis", their debut album. The American duo behind the Ævangelist moniker released their sophomore album "Omen Ex Simulacra" in late 2013, and it is yet another brutal assault on the ears while maintaining that very atmospheric sound that makes them somewhat unique, despite bearing obvious similarities to the likes of Portal.

Underneath the thick, everpresent layer of disburbing synths, the riffs that make up the foundation for Ævangelist's sound are actually quite simple. So if you're the kind of person who absolutely needs amazing riffs, this is not where you want to be. However, if decent and very fitting riffs combined with cavernous growls and psychotic screams, diverse drumwork and a layer of ominous synths that sound like the very invocation of demonic spirits from the depths of the abyss sounds like your thing, Ævangelist is where it's at. Clocking in just past the 1-hour mark, the eight songs that make up "Omen Ex Simulacra" could easily be soundtracks to a sci-fi horror film. The atmosphere is dense and mysterious at all times, as the heavy riffs lead the drums from blasting territory into slower creepy passages while the persistent synths in the background enhance the otherworldly feel of the music.

The album could potentially be divided into two parts, as there seems to be a slight shift in direction somewhere in the middle of the album. As mentioned above, the riffs are simple and thus don't provide a whole lot of variation, leaving it to the synthwork, the drums and the vocals to make the action happen. This is not necessarily a negative point as it works quite well, and tracks like "Hell-Synthesis" make the symbiosis between each part of the soundscape work in a wonderfully sinister way. However, the riffs play a bigger part of the sound in the second half of the album, and at times to great effect, as "Prayer For Ascetic Misery" turns out to be the type of death metal track that demand heads nodding along to the riffs and the drums, despite the chaotic sound.

"Omen Ex Simulacra" is a freakish creation from the outer corners of the void, and a highly effective one at that. However, because this is the first Ævangelist album to be featured on this site, it should be noted that the first offering by this duo is still a step above this sophomore effort. This could be due in part to the element of surprise that came with "De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis" when it was released, but also because it was more uncompromising. In that sense, "Omen Ex Simulacra" is a slightly more accessible outing, and since the quality of the material is undeniable the album receives my highest recommendations.


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Release date: 20.11.2013
Debemur Morti Productions

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