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Bring Out The Gimp

Written by: LF on 16/02/2014 20:54:52

This Swiss metalband has been on hiatus for six years but now they have returned to grace our ears with their fourth record "Bring Out The Gimp". They primarily play a blend of melodic death and industrial metal with more than just a pinch of electronics. Unashamed they claim inspiration from a genre like 'hellektro' associated with bands like Combichrist or Aesthetic Perfection, although I'd say that Ever Since are somewhat more grounded in their metal side than those bands even though there are songs on this album that could easily be played at something like a metal rave with their very danceable but hard-hitting electronic quirks.

As we are thrown into the maelstrom of title-track "Bring Out The Gimp" it's clear that it's a good thing these guys got back together. From the very first riff the music roars at you with an unfaltering energy that wants to get in your face and refuses to let go of you for the duration of the album. The effort was produced by Thomas 'Drop' Betrisey of Sybreed-fame and he has done an exemplary job of mixing the cold melancholic electronic samples with the immense riffs and thundering drums. The quality of the vocalist is not in question at any time either. He strikes his intense figure not least on the slow and desperate "No Way Out", from singing melancholic cleans with next to no accompaniment on the intro to convincingly screaming his heart out for the next five minutes of it.

It's a solid record but as the ever-present and enormous energy of it is what makes the biggest impression on me it results in the songs being hard to distinguish from each other after a few listens. Musically they are pretty similar and what makes songs like "Bring Out The Gimp" and "Step In The Hell" stand out is that they are in the slightly more melodic end of Ever Since's spectrum. Maybe exactly because of the all-encompassing energy it gives off, this is definitely an album suited to accompany any wild metal festivities. I for one am looking forward to being swept along by the beastly intensity of "Bring Out The Gimp" the next time I'm in need of a deafening party soundtrack.

Download: Bring Out The Gimp, Step In The Hell
For The Fans Of: Soilwork, Paradise Lost, In Flames, Disturbed
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Release Date 17.02.2014
Mighty Music

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