The Lawrence Arms

Cocktails And Dreams

Written by: PP on 11/07/2005 14:53:24

Melodic punk rockers The Lawrence Arms return with a b-sides and rarities album "Cocktails And Dreams". This album is clearly aimed to please the bigger fans of The Lawrence Arms than to attract new ones. That being said, it still has a couple of truly catchy songs that will gain the band a handful of new fans; "There's No Place Like A Stranger's Floor" continues on the same melodic punk rock traces as the previous albums, "Presenting: The Dancing Machine (The Robot With Monkey Head)" is among the fastest tracks they have ever recorded, and "Overheated" is a poppy, melodramatic pop punk track about crap birthdays. The songs with the strange songtitles like "Necrotism: Decanting The Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Part 7" are the best ones on the album, but they aren't good enough to carry the entirety of the record with them. Most of the biggest fans will already own these songs by one method or another, but it is still an album that they should consider purchasing. The biggest fans will enjoy this one, but for the rest of us this is just another album that we'll buy and enjoy for a few weeks until it is forgotten onto the record shelf for years.


Download: There's No Place Like A Stranger's Floor, Presenting: The Dancing Machine (The Robot With The Monkey Head)
For the fans of: Dillinger Four, Tilt

Release date 21.06.2005
Asian Man

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