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Hailing from Athens, Greece, Blindfold has existed since 2007 but has only recently reached a stable line-up and with it released the debut EP "Neurosis: Origins". Vocalist Nick Mavromatis has said that the overarching idea behind the EP is to describe mental illness as it looks from the inside, to portray the feelings and thoughts of those who suffer from it. Although they pride themselves on not limiting themselves to any one style, Blindfold's music can be termed as progressive metalcore with djenty hints and lots of electronic layering.

The EP starts with the track "Psychosis" and a spoken word introduction about neurons and the way they work backed by an ominous ambient layering of harmonies that lets us descend into those darker corners of the mind. When the song kicks off the sound is dominated by lowtuned guitars and dramatic electronic violin jolts while Mavromatis effortlessly changes between growled verses and harmonic clean singing in the choruses. After this introduction we are treated to the quiet and soothing piano interlude of "Zanakard, A Place Inside My Head" that seems slightly misplaced as it doesn't bring much of a dynamic to the EP when presented as early on as this. It ends with a distorted voice telling us to close our eyes and seek the perfection within before our ears are attacked by "Nihilophobia" which picks up where "Psychosis" left us but then fails to develop and distinguish itself musically from the first track, and the most remarkable part of it ends up being a chorus that blends a semi-memorable high-pitched melody with rapped lyrics.

With a band like TesseracT and their superb production in the back of my head I can't help but think that the production of this EP could have helped the music hit a whole lot harder than it does. The breakdowns just don't pack enough of a punch. Overall the EP throws some good ideas around but they are not carried through properly. "Claustrophobic" for instance pulls the listener in with a strongly addictive beat but doesn't really deliver on it. The effort is rounded off with "Neurosis" which is the most tightly knit song and I feel like it could have been a high-point of an otherwise not too impressive EP but unfortunately it cuts itself off abruptly with no warning and no dramatic bang. As such, "Neurosis: Origins" establishes Blindfold as a band that can indeed compose complex songs and play them with some skill but also as a band that still has some evolving to do before they will be able to properly back their ambitious thematic ideas.


Download: Claustrophobic
For The Fans Of: Erra, TesseracT, Born of Osiris, Periphery

Release Date 14.01.2014
At Your Command Records

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