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Written by: PP on 29/05/2007 12:03:16

El Caco is a positive surprise from Norway, the country whose music scene is largely possessed by extreme, black and gothic metal. While still very metallic, El Caco incorporates elements from stoner and hard rock bands like Seether into their curious combination of metal and clean vocals - a mixture not often seen in the modern metal scene.

The clean vocal melodies stand surprisingly strong behind often thrashy guitars on the background, and at least to me summon an exotic atmosphere overall. I find myself thinking of Middle Eastern, perhaps even Indian traditional sounds especially during "Solid Rest" when vocalist Osa's vibrant clean singing is at its best. "Nervous Breakdown Hide & Seek" sees him break his voice into scratched shouting, which is ideal to fit the instruments which are faster here than anywhere else on the album.

The choruses are catchy and some might even deserve some radio airplay, but they never will because in the end, these are still metal songs no matter how alternative and different they may be from that scene. Think Stone Sour gone more stoner rock, and you're close.


Download: Solid Rest, Shadows Of Undone
For the fans of: Stone Sour, Stonegard, Seether, Kyuss, Smile Empty Soul
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Release date 16.04.2007
Black Balloon
Provided by Target ApS

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