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Porcelain is an indie rock / alternative rock band from Copenhagen, who released a couple of albums in 1998 and 2001 but have been quiet almost ever since then. That is, until the release of their third and self-titled album a few months ago, which has been in the works more or less ever since 2006 when they switched out their drummer and their bassist. So what has come out of all that time?

Basically, a fairly predictable indie/alternative rock album that feels a little bit like it's all over the place. Opener "I Don't Care" starts with a driving indie rock rhythm that draws from both The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys in its expression. Straight after, "My Old Friend, Pain" is a much more soothing track, utilizing a grandiose soundscape that brings to mind the likes of Coldplay and others. Immediately after, "The Minder" slows things down to a crawl and we're almost in the realm of pop, or at least very, very mainstream indie rock to say the least. That's three tracks in and three very distinct sounds: Britrock, arena rock, and indie are all mixed together, fairly successfully I might add. "Suck Me In // Spit Me Out", on the other hand, has clearly taken some inspiration from Queens of The Stone Age, although the song is still very much within mainstream alternative rock territory otherwise.

All of this ensures that the record has variety, but it also doesn't feel very coherent overall. The quality of songwriting is fairly consistent, hovering around the decent-good range without ever blowing you away. A few quirky guitar tricks and catchy vocal passages here and there make for a record that you'll enjoy listening to whenever you aren't exploring your particular niche, but don't expect it to make waves in your listening statistics.

Download: My Old Friend, Pain; I Don't Care; This Is Where We Go
For the fans of: The Strokes, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Queens Of The Stone Age
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Release date 18.11.2013
Target Records

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