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Live Life EP

Written by: PP on 12/02/2014 23:45:34

Compared to their mediocre debut album "'Til Death" from two years ago, which basically aped Asking Alexandria from start to finish while being atrociously bad in Capture The Crown's lyrical department, their next release "Live Life" EP is arguably a more mature and well-developed effort overall. The overt reliance on stupid one-chord breakdowns followed by dramatic electronics has been toned down significantly, so the electronics now take a more subtle backing role instead. They support a more straightforward mixture of metalcore and post-hardcore, where the instrumentation and songwriting in general has improved. At least slightly. Admittedly, the bar wasn't set too high from the onset so that doesn't really say much.

Lyrically, the band still spear you in the eye with some incredibly juvenile material that ought to make anyone over 21 years old cringe. Consider these from "Bloodsuckers", for instance: "You can list your friends but you can't count on them. Well listen closely you two-faced fucks, the only reason anyone's gonna come to your funeral is to piss on your.... *scream* GRAVE", which is of course followed by a predictable breakdown straight after. This is but a small issue considering the symphonies and theatrics have been toned down so that the sound overall sounds a little more down to earth in comparison. Autotune has also mostly been thrown out of the window for more dirty clean singing, which adds so much character, especially when it is delivered at slower tempo like on "All Hype All Night" or on opener "Live Life". There's even a feeling of progression and some real structure to these songs.

More importantly, the songs are subtly catchy because of their odd delivery for post-hardcore that differs from the sugar sweet, autotuned high-pitch vocals we tend to hear in the genre these days. It feels less produced and less manufactured, and as a result, more real even if the electronics still manipulate the soundscape on the background. In general, the songs are just better by all counts compared to the debut, which is the band's opportunity to show people they might be much better than the amount of criticism they've received over the two years. This writer, at least, is convinced based on this EP.

Download: Live Life, All Hype All Night
For the fans of: Asking Alexandria; Of Mice & Men; Woe, Is Me
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Release date 04.02.2014

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