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A few more leftover 2013 releases left to cover that we either forgot or that were delayed for other reasons. One of these is the debut album "Hoser" by Seaway, a Ontario based pop punk band who play the genre precisely in the way it should be played: with bright and infectious melodies, yet with an uptempo feel and without too much polish removing the charisma in the process.

Stylistically, they combine the sounds of Living With Lions (vocally) and The Wonder Years (musically), resulting in energetic songs that are ridiculously catchy in the vocal department. "Keep Your Stick On The Ice", "No Direction", and "Slowing Down" are all impossible to avoid singing along to, yet they also contain ripping leads that grab your attention straight away. It sounds simple, and that's because it is, but it's a formula that really works on this album. And by utilizing two vocalists, one of which has a scratchier voice than the other one (who is a more standard fare pop punk vocalist), they also add variety and contrast to their songs that make them stand out. That said, there are moments on "Hoser" such as "The Weight", which is a little too slow and bland to stand out, but given how explosively "Expectation" starts out the record with a d-beat and the main riff in "Whats Really Good" is like straight outta "Suburbia"-era The Wonder Years, well, there are just too many good songs here to have the lesser ones bother you much.

So if you're looking for a refreshing pop punk release that doesn't seek to invent the wheel but just plays the genre in a textbook manner with good sing alongs, then Seaway is your band. Expect catchy hooks, solid melodies, and a nice tempo throughout.

Download: Keep Your Stick On The Ice, Slowing Down, No Direction
For the fans of: Living With Lions, The Wonder Years
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Release date 15.10.2013
Mutant League Records

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