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Written by: AP on 24/05/2007 23:51:16

"Unlimited" set the bar sky high for Norwegian outfit Susperia, but at the same time the success story of that album raised hope of a fresh breeze for metal. The band's taste for an unusual cocktail comprising extreme black metal, thrash and power led many to regard Susperia as one of the most promising bands ever to sprawl out of Norway. Unfortunately this promise goes unfulfilled with the band's latest record, "Cut From Stone", on which every aspect of "Unlimited" is brought a step down, taming the atypical sound and ingenuity that Susperia had to offer.

“Cut From Stone” is as disappointing as it has been anticipated. I mean, let’s face it, with just under three years to produce new material one would expect a band to have some surprises in stock. “Cut From Stone”, however, is less surprising than a black man in Bronx. “Unlimited” laid the foundation for exploring unfound oases, yet Susperia has chosen to settle for recycling old school thrash and rely on the band’s secret weapon: Athera’s vocals. Anyone with basic knowledge of Susperia would tell you that the band’s music rarely relies on guitar wizardry and that it is Athera’s voice that serves as the lead instrument.

And not without reason, because Athera’s voice is a powerful tool, combining the coarseness of thrash metal grunting and the diabolism of black metal growls with the penetrating force of power metal howling. It makes no sense then that the crystal clear sound of “Unlimited” has been under-produced to make Athera’s voice distant and echoed, as if sung in an abandoned monastery. With nothing much to offer from the instrumental side, the result is a tired atmosphere that fails to inspire any emotion. It’s like listening to a mediocre album blazing from a stereo next-door.

For fans of Susperia, “Cut From Stone” is a letdown. With variety and uniquity lacking, you’re left with an empty feeling that makes you wonder whether “Cut From Stone” is completely effortless and born out of necessity rather than passion. As much as I loved “Unlimited”, “Cut From Stone” is hollow and uninteresting; with songs you’d skip should your media player randomly select them and with an overall impression of underperformance by a great band.


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