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More fuzz rock your way comes - the 90s style of alternative rock is seriously in these days with small bands across the US toying with different interpretations of Superchunk. Here we have Twin Berlin from Connecticut, whose sophomore album "Sleazebrain" essentially falls within the same category of vibrant, melodically ringing garage rock as Superchunk and Hüsker Dü among others, but offers its own unique angle to the genre as well.

For starters, you can tell that Twin Berlin have been listening to a ton of Weezer. Many songs namely feature distinct undertones of similarly introverted, slightly nerdy alternative rock. But they're also in love with the early 90s grunge scene, given how closely many songs emulate Nirvana's material from circa "In Utero" era. "Buzzkill", for instance, has a lead riff which is practically identical to "Dumb" by Nirvana, and "Wanna Be Your Girl" has enough parallels in its riffage to draw similar conclusions. Elsewhere, the band opt for a much brighter sound such as that on "Don't Talk To Me", where inspiration from The Strokes and other indie-flavored garage rock bands can be heard in their expression.

Generally, if you place all of the aforementioned bands in a blender and turn it on, the resulting product is probably something very similar to "Sleazebrain". It's an upbeat, garage-ish grunge/alternative rock album with vibrant melodies and a few catchy songs here and there, even if it won't dominate the year-end lists come December.


Download: RTBRFLOAT, Wanna Be Your Girl, Buzzkill
For the fans of: Superchunk, Acid Fast, Nirvana, Hüsker Dü, Weezer
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Release date 18.02.2014

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