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Every Second Counts

Written by: TL on 23/05/2007 00:49:30

Chicago power poppers Plain White T's is another one of those bands that have been delivering easily digestable and borderline mainstream pop punk to the masses for long enough time to get around the block and back again. Last year they released their fourth full length effort "Every Second Counts", a record we somehow missed at the time, but has now been sent to us by our new friends over at Total Assault, and thus, here am I to rectify the mistake.

Now I'm getting into quite a habbit of whining extensively about all these pop-rock records that get sent my way all the time, as most of these new emo-flavoured upstart bands tend to suck ass so bad it makes me want to stick something sharp in my ears. Therefore it is not only delightful but also surprising to receive a cd from an experienced band capable of actually making something entertaining and interesting out of an otherwise cliché-filled and superficial genre. You see, for the first seven tracks in a row, "Every Second Counts" is quite simply a delight. Opener "Our Time Now" and single "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" clearly display one of the band's major strenghts, namely being able to write incredibly catchy lyrics that always manage to surprise you with their odd construction. Apart from that, the band also manages to sound convincing, despite their very mainstream radio-rock sound. To paint you a picture, it's like listening to Jimmy Eat World play songs written by Motion City Soundtrack.

It's not all good though, because the eighth track "Tearin' Us Apart" is simply horrible. It's the kind of song you'd imagine being written by the bands your parents used to like back in the 70ies. After that, the album never really recovers. The four following tracks are by no means as annoying as that song but they aren't as interesting as the prior ones either, and thus they end up sounding kind of average and frankly boring. That's still the minority of the songs though, and I cannot but recommend the first seven tracks, as they are the kind of happy, upbeat pearls you have to be hard-headed heavy-fanatic not to like.


Download: Hate (I Really Don't Like You), You And Me, Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk
For the fans of: Motion City Soundtrack, Jimmy Eat World, Relient K,
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Release Date 12.09.2006
Hollywood/Fearless Records

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