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Lies To Light The Way

Written by: BL on 31/01/2014 01:04:47

When trying to think of what is it that makes Houston, Texas metalcore/post-hardcore outfit Myka, Relocate stand out from other bands - not all that much comes to mind. It's so predictable nowadays to use arguments of how too many bands in these genres are not even bothering to try to do anything different, or plagarising all the popular gimmicks or sounds, or just being terrible at writing lyrics, and Myka, Relocate fall prey to most of these aspects with their new album "Lies To Light The Way". Yet the band still somehow manages to make songs so catchy that, for a short while, it's almost forgivable.

Instrumentals on the album are not what really sets a great impression when starting off with songs like "Dead Ties". The guitars mostly play the same style of hard riffs and chunky breakdowns with some little changes here and there, nothing too spectacular and this formula is a consistent factor until the end. Fortunately there's a reasonable amount of minor lead guitar melodies thrown about to liven up the mood, whilst dashes of colourful electronics and samples permeate into the background seamlessly and layer together to give us a kind sugary and energetic soundscape, albeit a very artificially sounding one as well. When it comes to the vocals, again it's a case of déjà vu - the screaming and singing used by the two front men do sound quite polished but there's no surprises in their tone or delivery. Harsh vocalist John Ritter has fair power in his screams, and is complemented by singer Michael Swank's ridiculously high pitched voice that can occasionally sound like a cross between Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens with Andy Leo of Crown The Empire.

As mentioned earlier, what really keeps the album from being utterly forgettable and actually can make it worthwhile is just how immensely catchy some of the choruses on songs like "Something To Dream About" and "Natural Separation" are. These bouncy, overly pop orientated choruses were clearly constructed for maximum accessibility, and while a lot of the vocal melodies Michael uses are fairly simplistic, they have an instant appeal when combined with equally catchy chord progressions in the backing music. "Doublespeak" and "Playing It Safe" featuring a well incorporated section with Jonny Craig are yet more examples where the hooks stay in your head long after. The latter of the two in fact is perhaps one of the strongest tracks on the album. Following on from there, the only remaining song until the end of the album that doesn't have a particularly stand out chorus is "Dry Spell" where the melodies and instrumentals fall a little flat.

"Lies To Light The Way" is one of those albums in this genre that despite a lack of genius creativity or thought provoking content, is still hard to resist putting down for just simple guilty pleasures listening. It may be a shallow reason but the choruses alone can keep one revisiting and conveniently papers over a lot of the other areas on the album lacking somewhat. Don't get this wrong of course as Myka, Relocate's debut is nowhere near perfect, but these guys know how to play the game. Just don't expect the next big thing.


Download: Natural Separation, Doublespeak, Playing It Safe
For the fans of: Crown The Empire, Memphis May Fire, If I Were You, Secrets
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Release date 29.10.2013
Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie

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