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Written by: PP on 26/01/2014 17:28:10

There was a period when the rowdy roared vocals, catchy Gainesville style melodies, and basement punk rock feel was trademarked to small bands touring the US with highlight stop always being the FEST. The best of these would then be sent across the pond to festivals like Groezrock and Slam Dunk (see: Red City Radio, Banner Pilot, Off With Their Heads etc), but few of them would ever originate from the UK / rest of Europe. Lately I've seen more and more music in this style popping up across Europe, and here's more proof that you don't need to be from Gainesville to be playing bearded shout-out-loud punk designed for the basement sing alongs. Allow me to present you Epic Problem from Derbyshire, UK.

Their third EP "Lines" is basically exactly the sort of FEST-friendly, Midwestern styled punk rock as described above. Rowdy, roared vocals that recall Red City Radio's debut album, or the no-frills style utilized by Off With Their Heads, supplemented with plenty of catchy riffs and thick bass lines that bring to mind Nothington's releases. This band is clearly out to have fun - that you can hear in the woo-hoo backing patterns of "Sink", as well as in the alternating lines in their vocal delivery, but most importantly they know how to make the rowdy punk rock melodies sound irresistible. Title track is ridiculously good, "Deny" follows suit, and "Sink" is another huge sing along piece at basement venues. In fact, the only track that's ironically weaker is also called "Weak", but that's not even an Epic Problem original, rather than a cover of a band called Beltones.

Based on just three songs it's of course difficult to judge whether Epic Problem have what it takes to become the Red City Radio of Europe, but if they're able to release an album with equally consistent quality of rowdy basement punk as this record, the ball will start rolling.

Download: Lines, Deny
For the fans of: Red City Radio, Off With Their Heads, Nothington
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Release date 03.01.2014
Rebel Sound Music / Longshot Music

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