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You Vs The World EP

Written by: PP on 26/01/2014 16:53:45

An introverted, emotionally charged cry of "Take my self-respect and I hope it will serve you well - I won’t be needing it anymore" opens the new Peace Mercutio EP "You Vs The World" with a melody-line full of melancholy, regret, and sadness. It's a similar sort of powerful lyrics-meets-melody wave that Pentimento have been riding on their last couple of releases to great fan and critical acclaim. The parallels between the two bands don't just stop there: Peace Mercutio, just like Pentimento, balance on a fine line between punk rock undertones, alternative rock musicianship, and emo/post-hardcore vibes; and the vocals are equally drenched in emotionally charged passion and honesty.

Debut album "Weather The Storm" two years ago already underlined that this band has potential, and the four track EP here basically continues where the debut left off. They utilize a dual vocal delivery, where one is drenched in emo and likely to draw you towards bands like Anberlin and even Hawthorne Heights, and the other one finds itself in the more nostalgia-driven territories of Bayside and, yes, Pentimento. Because the two styles are so different, it allows the band to create plenty of variety in their sound. But more important than variety is the intensity of feeling and emotion that these guys are able to pack into their sound. The vocals are bursting out of the two dudes, and combined with the melodic instrumentation, the harmonies are at times among the best you'll hear in this genre. Passion really trumps technical capacity most frequently, and here that is very much the case.

Though there are only three real tracks on the EP (and one instrumental outro), they are enough to convince me that after the debut album, Peace Mercutio look very much like the real deal. They have a knack for writing great emo melodies both vocally and instrumentally, and when those are infectiously catchy at the same time, you can safely assume for these guys to expand their reach significantly during 2014.


Download: (And That's How) Good Charlotte (Got Famous), Credit Card
For the fans of: Pentimento, Anberlin, Bayside, Emery, Hawthorne Heights
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Release date 04.02.2014

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