The Last Word Is Yours To Speak

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Phinehas were initially discarded from our review coverage multiple times during 2013 until the label themselves contacted us with a reference to an earlier review we did with one of their bands, highlighting the fact that Phinehas debuted at #2 on the iTunes metal charts in the process. It's a good thing they did, because by doing so they effectively pointed us in the direction of one of the freshest acts within metalcore during 2013 that many seem to have missed on this side of the pond.

"The Last Word Is Yours To Speak" is the sophomore album by the California-based Christian metalcore unit, and it wastes no time in separating itself from the dime-a-dozen releases within the genre. By taking a technical metal route into metalcore, they ensure that the instrumentation in places is absolutely breathtaking both in terms of technical proficiency, but also in terms of melodies offered. Many sections are reminiscent of All That Remains' classic "The Fall Of Ideals", albeit with a typically Rise Records-esque compression on the guitars. Fortunately the production hasn't left it impossible for the melodies to shine, because the blinding technicals are occasionally awe-inspiring to any fan of metalcore and leave the rest of the field far behind. Listening to a track like "Blood On My Knuckles" makes it clear why this band debuted at #2 on the iTunes metal chart; not only does it have a catchy clean vocal chorus ("I would give you more gold than you could fit in your fists, the entire world is at your fingertips"), but the complex solo in the song is to die for. Similarly, "Twisted" experiments with complicated clean passages both for the guitar and for the vocals, hence acting as one of the best tracks on the record for its sheer desire to experiment. Where the album really shines is on album highlight "Out Of The Dust" which features almost Between The Buried And Me-esque quality of songwriting in the guitar department, simultaneously recalling The Contortionist and Scale The Summit. This is the kind of track that separates you from all the other metalcore bands and makes you sound simply incredible as a band. Those guitar melodies are, frankly, insanely good in that song.

Basically, "The Last Word Is Yours To Speak" is one of the hidden gems from 2013. It has a number of tracks that can single-handedly revitalize your faith in metalcore. Although built of same elements as every other metalcore band out there, there are no breakdowns or anything else stupid breaking the flow; just great instrumentation, good choruses, and generally well-composed songs.


Download: Blood On My Knuckles, Out Of The Dust, Twisted
For the fans of: All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, The Contortionist
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Release date 23.07.2013
Red Cord Records

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