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You Are Welcome EP

Written by: PP on 24/01/2014 22:48:37

I've been following Copenhagen skate punkers Losing Must closely over the years, having reviewed three of their past EPs, which have frankly been of varying quality. On "You Are Welcome" EP it finally feels like they have found themselves and the sound they were looking for, because it is the tightest, the most well produced, and the best songs they have written thus far in their short career. They've improved enormously in every level, most of all in the songwriting department, but also in finally realizing that a proper production is what it takes to make your good ideas also sound solid on record.

We're still strictly in the realm of skate punk, with Pennywise and Millencolin being the primary inspiration behind their band's sound. But as something new, they're also occasionally reaching towards the melodicore bands like No Use For A Name and No Fun At All - the infectiously catchy "Happy" being the best example. More songs like this and the band should explode amongst the punk crowd - this is like straight outta classic Pulley record or something. The lyrics are still politically motivated, such as those on "Nothing To Say", which call out 'Land Of The Free' as ignorant people who have free speech 'but have nothing to say' in a not-so-subtle criticism of the American isolationist culture.

More importantly, though, all six songs on the EP are solid. Not just is the production polished and crisp all-around, leaving no glitches or loose playing annoying you at the back of your head as has sometimes been the case in the past, but all of them are catchy and exactly how you want your skate punk served especially if you loved the golden 90s era of the genre. The amateurish vibes are gone and Losing Must sound like a band that's ready to be taken seriously rather than the hobby-basis they came across on earlier records.

Download: Time Goes By, Wherever, Nothing To Say, Happy?
For the fans of: Pennywise, Millencolin, Pulley
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Release date 03.01.2014

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