Hangar Of Doom EP

Written by: PP on 23/01/2014 23:27:33

Still a couple of smaller releases to go from 2013 that have simply fallen far behind on our priorities list when bigger releases have rolled in throughout the year. One of these is the "Hangar Of Doom" EP, the debut release from the Herning, Denmark based Velociter, who play a classic brand of heavy metal that draws your thoughts back to the 80s heavyweights, and more specifically, to the 80s oriented style also celebrated by local heavy metal heroes in Artillery.

The guitars in particular share this characteristic, but at the same time the vocals borrow quite a bit from thrashier realms of the metal, and speed-wise many tracks could also be argued to belong there. So in reality we're dealing with a hybrid style, and indeed the tracks bounce back and forth between straight up thrash and straight up heavy metal, occasionally putting both of them together for good measure. One positive to take out of the record is the heavy presence of bass in the mix. The instrument is actually used as a lead in many passages, which is a refreshing change from the usual follow-the-guitars style of playing many metal bands tend to do. Unfortunately that's about the only really positive thing you can mention in connection with the EP, because everything else reeks of amateurish execution and inexperience as a band (which, to be fair, isn't surprising considering how new the band is at this).

For starters, the songs are played way too loosely with timing off by enough for it to be a bother in many passages. This suggest lack of rehearsing before entering the studio. Secondly, the 'studio' doesn't do much as the production still has flaws and glitches all over the place, leaving a flat sound that doesn't have the needed edge to convince anyone but the band's friend circles. While the songs themselves aren't terrible per se, the inexperienced delivery leaves the band in a somewhat bad light. Plenty of room for improvement.


Download: Hangar Of Doom, A madman's Delirium
For the fans of: Artillery, Caro, Forbidden, Testament
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Release date 14.07.2013

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