Truth, Love & Liberty

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FM359 houses members of Street Dogs as well as Rick Barton (ex-Dropkick Murphys), but it's not your straight up folk punk project as you might otherwise expect. In fact, debut album "Truth, Love & Liberty" is quite different from what we're used to hearing from these guys. It's dubbed as humanitarian (non-religious) gospel Americana (punk) rock, a curious description of what is essentially folk rock with a few Americana influences and underlying punk elements to boot.

This combination of genres is perhaps best exemplified by the second track "I'll Be On My Way", which fully acoustic guitars supported by flutes and accordion, making it into a fun folk rock song, though again with punk undertones and even a country music vibe of sorts. Right before, the opener "Some Folks" feels like the Americana / Springsteen inspired alternative rock that Gaslight Anthem has championed on their past couple of records. Then you've got "A Little Sign" which basically sounds like how I'd imagine Tim Armstrong of Rancid to be like if he had a folk/Americana side project. A red thread between all three types of song is soulful singing with charisma, and a solid acoustic/electric guitar interplay that gives the songs additional flair.

The rest of the album generally deals with one of those three song types, or more frequently, a combination of the three. Among highlights I can mention "When The People Check Out", a song with some serious political/social commentary about the state of people's knowledge about what is really going on in the States. And the relaxing alternative rock track "Restless Man", which again brings back Gaslight Anthem-ish vibes. You could even argue that modern Frank Turner material is fairly similar to what FM359 have compiled together here. Either way, it's an enjoyable album and importantly not a folk punk one, as you might otherwise suspect when looking at their roster.


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For the fans of: The Gaslight Anthem, Flogging Molly, Frank Turner
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Release date 14.01.2014
Pirates Press Records

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