Giving In To Ghosts

Chasing Waves EP

Written by: JWM on 22/01/2014 16:00:59

With the first track "Rapture", it's a little unclear what Welsh metalcore four-piece Giving In To Ghosts have to offer that is different. They have quite a melodic sound that's too formulaic, and most of their debut EP "Chasing Waves" suffers from this. Short of the brief guitar riff towards the end of the song, the musical and lyrical content of "Rapture" are both quite hollow, with lyrics like this place is built on sin and broken bones[...] we'll make it out alive. Undeniably, it's a bit too generic. They are the classic case of the "melodic metal with hardcore influences" style - that kind of metalcore band that isn't quite sure where they are. They don't play anything too metallic, but they're too metal to be hardcore.

After the first track, the rest of the album is actually alright. With highlights like track three, "Chasing Waves", which reminds me of a very early Bury Tomorrow's or Atreyu's sound. Final track "To The Sun" is the best highlight of the record, it's thundering and continuously moving and has a bit more intensity. Vocalist and Bassist James Hardiman 's voice has a Justin Pierre-ish (from Motion City Soundtrack) element to it, a little coy and with a melancholic charm.

Band's like Giving In To Ghosts do in truth show some promise, but what they seriously lack is probably life experience, as it makes you cringe with how cheesy and weak the lyrics are. And as for its effect on the music, there is a real lack of urgency to the songs and they feel far too slow. Perhaps if they are to record another record they need to take some time touring and just living life and growing, so when they release a record it champions all their past efforts.

Download: To The Sun
For The Fans Of: Bury Tomorrow; Atreyu; Lifelines
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Release Date 31.03.2014

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