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Written by: PP on 20/01/2014 23:37:06

Four years ago I stumbled across a Slovenian band called Real Life Version, whose punk rock expression mimicked closely enough some of my favorites within the genre for me to take notice and review the band for your reading pleasure. Well, turns out they've released a sophomore record called "The Sound Of Progress", which mostly continues along the same line of utilizing Hot Water Music's newer material as their primary inspiration source, while now also adding in technical punk rock influence from bands like A Wilhelm Scream in the process (especially in terms of the guitar lines).

The latter band comes to mind especially on "Sincerely Yours", which has a lead guitar riff that's practically straight off "Career Suicide" by that band during the second half of the song. Elsewhere, the effect isn't as pronounced, mostly because the emotionally charged, passionate croons take you back to Hot Water Music's "Caution" territory more often than not, with few nods and winks at other key bands from the more complex corners of the punk rock scene.

Still, I can't help but grasp for straws when trying to get into "The Sound Of Progress" properly. While the songs aren't bad by any means, they also don't grab you in the same manner as the bigger band's songs do. This is understandable for a smaller band, yet they desperately need better hooks - especially in terms of vocals - before they'll start catching headlines outside of their home country. It's good to see European punk rock nice and healthy, though, so I'll still award this a decent rating - also because it's an album that's mostly dominated by decent songs, even if the high-risers are largely missing.

Download: Sincerely Yours, All Is Fair In Love
For the fans of: Hot Water Music, A Wilhelm Scream, Propagandhi
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Release date 20.09.2013

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