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Goodbye Kitty K, fronted by Kat Van Ville, plays a sort of enigmatic blend of Iggy and the Stooges, Bikini Kill and the White stripes. Fueled by Kat Van Ville’s rowdy, at times even buzzsaw-raw vocals, coupled with lyrical universes of social and personal de-routes, one might at first glance expect this to be quite the alluring experience. It certainly does seem interesting when presented in such a way.

True enough, there are some quite thrilling passages present on “Scrapped”. “Light”, for instance, is a rowdy track with a sort of no bullshit, straight-up and away attitude to it. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to figure out what the intent of the track is, nor does it take long to crawl under your skin – at least for the duration of the listen. However, that is indeed part of the problem as well. You see, many of the tracks on “Scrapped” are actually quite catchy, rowdy and, well, gritty in a great way. They’re just not particularly memorable.

Doing nothing for the greater good of the album, the 13-track effort is seemingly divided into two overall categories of tracks – the rowdy ones, which count tracks like “Light”, “Goodbye Kitty K” and “Alive N’ Kickin’” and the somewhat more introvert outings like “Mama Said” and “Dirty Blues”. Throughout a range of 13 tracks, one might indeed have grown accustomed to a certain degree of variation other than two overhead categories of what one can generally expect of the album.

As such, the introvert outings like “Mama Said” come off as distinctly mellow for an album of such a rowdy caliber, but at the same time they offer little variation towards the actual impression that “Scrapped” gives off. Towards the end of my 10th listen, it has then become apparent for me that, in spite of lacking variation, Goodbye Kitty K are obviously at their strongest with tracks like “Light” and “Alive N’ Kickin’” where the hooks are infectious and the vocal stylings are heavily aggressive. The hooks will stay with you for the duration of the album, but not much longer than that. It’s definitely not an album for everyone, but I’m confident that there are still some people who will probably hold this album in quite a lot higher esteem than what I’ve found myself to do.

In any case, Goodbye Kitty K is not for me, but I have to admit that they might become quite interesting if the musical dynamics could become as proficient as Kat Van Ville’s astoundingly rowdy vocals.


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For the fans of: Iggy and the Stooges, Beurrenoir, rowdy female vocals in general
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Release date 14.06.2013

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