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Written by: BV on 15/01/2014 14:06:55

Jørck, as one might initially think, is not the solo project of front-woman Trine Jørck, rather it has been described as a collaborative effort between her, multi-instrumentalist Torben Guldager, percussionist Jens Rahbek Johansen and, in the studio, drummer Jakob Awegaard. Sometime in 2012, this outfit debuted with the full-length album “Sustainable Dream”. I’ve never really managed to get into that album in spite of receiving quite a few recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Here, with their newest effort called “Dancing on Gold”, I reckon I’ll give them another go and review it in the process.

Contradictory to their debut, the instrumentation seems to have been shaved down to the bare necessities on this EP. The soundscape still sounds quite large with a certain sense of grandeur about it – however, there has also been an increase in the airy spaces where Trine Jørck’s vocals are meant to be the fundamental pillar. However, as one can hear on tracks like “Unshakeable Silence” and, in part, “The Fall”, her voice is still not yet characteristic or powerful enough to justify such a position.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy her voice quite a bit. - Which also makes a track like “One Eye” as enjoyable as it seemingly is. The slightly melancholic vibe about it and the sparse instrumentation makes for a soothing, almost meditative listen that reels you in from the get go. These alluring soundscapes can also be accredited to the soulful, almost haunting guitar-work on most of these tracks as it transcends the songwriting medium – adding a near-ethereal quality to, at least, some of the tracks like “The Fall” which would quite frankly fall apart without the guitar.

In essence, I’m still not quite there yet when it comes to Jørck - and in truth, I don’t think Jørck is quite there yet, either. There are still areas to improve upon. But in time, I do believe the music will be every bit as alluring as it has the potential to be.


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For the fans of: Marie Fisker, Anna Rosenkilde, Jacob Bellens
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Release date 30.09.2013

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