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Pariso are a London, UK-based metalcore quintet, which shows in their abrasive and destructive sound on sophomore album "Consanguinity". Drawing from the likes of Architects, Bastions, and many other UK outfits who explore the noisy and dissonant ends of metalcore and hardcore, they are a sum of their influences just as much as they are a product of their musical environment back home.

Clean vocals are shunned in favour of a very Sam Carter inspired, monotone shriek that's the driving force behind the album from start to finish. Starting from the breakneck speed, hardcore punk inspired "The Separation", pedal is floored, and aggression is unleashed in as uncompromising and unadulterated fashion as possible, with occasional stabs at progressive hardcore style ambient passages peeking from underneath the surface. But let's put it this way: these guys are no Misery Signals. It's incredibly difficult to get into the album thanks to their vocalist's monotonous style that has no range variation whatsoever, instead just coming across as noisy, sharpened feedback on top of chugged guitars that have a few horror chords present here and there.

While "Consanguinity" isn't outright terrible, it fails to leave any sort of impression on its listener, other than being a very standard fare metalcore album. The gruesome vocal style is in dire need of more charisma and/or character if it is to stand out in its current state, or alternatively more variation is needed in this department - desperately so. Despite having listened through the record for weeks now, it's difficult to pick up on any highlights or memorable moments, so it's difficult to award the album anything else than an average rating.


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For the fans of: Architects, Bastions
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Release date 10.07.2013
Tangled Talk Records

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