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Rules For Making Up Words

Written by: PP on 14/01/2014 00:27:28

Ex Friends is a Philadelphia based punk rock band that reads among its lineup a certain Joel Tannenbaum as songwriter and bassist, whom you might recognize from the seminal unit Plow United. They released a short EP early last year which was basically pure Rancid worship from start to finish, but it was good nonetheless. For their debut album "Rules For Making Up Words" they've developed a great deal of identity, shedding some of the similarities to Rancid in the process while retaining others to make the reference still entirely valid.

Early on we are introduced to "Kenzos", which is basically how I'd imagine Rancid sounding like if they tried their craft at playing Gaslight Anthem styled Americana punk rock fit for big arenas. Here, like on many other places on the album, female vocals are used in an alternating male/female setup that admittedly makes the songs sound somewhat sillier than they are, but it's catchy enough for it to not be a bother. Thick and rich bass lines are of course one of the driving forces of the record, leading the rowdy rock'n'rollers like "Bad Bourgeoisie" or "Western Civilization" with laid back vibes, while the vocal melodies are real catchy. If these songs don't get you dancing live, then no punk songs will, let's just put it like that. "Fight Like A Girl" is equally catchy with female vocals taking the charge during the verses, while the choruses are again in Rancid-esque territory. Elsewhere, the band relies on early 90s style NOFX melodies instrumentally, meaning loose, sloppily played punk rock that are charming precisely because of that reason.

Together with the funky bass lines, the rowdy vocals, and the added flavor of female vocals, Ex Friends have delivered a solid start to 2014 in terms of punk rock. It's an album where you can truly hear the band having fun in the studio, thanks to many playful bass lines and fun-loving sing along melodies vocally. Check it out if you're into Rancid and want to hear their sound explored and interpreted from a different direction.

Download: Kenzos, Bad Bourgeoisie, Western Civilization, Archaeologists of The Future
For the fans of: NOFX, Rancid,Druglords Of The Avenues, Radio Dead Ones, The Filaments
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Release date 08.01.2014
Paper + Plastick / Creep Records

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