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This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates EP

Written by: PP on 14/01/2014 00:08:54

Nobody, Ever from the UK were certainly busy last year, releasing two quality EPs within the space of just four months. The first one "Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road" I reviewed a few months ago, and it impressed me enough to have placed "This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates" at the back of my head for one of those "when I have time, I'll take a few listens" type of moments. Turns out I probably should've checked it out earlier, as it's every bit as good as its predecessor was.

Strictly musically speaking, Nobody, Ever are found in a weird limbo zone between revivalist emo and passionate, emotionally charged punk rock. Think the likes of Hot Water Music playing Braid songs with gravelly vocals, and the occasional shout-out-loud memory that draws parallels to Red City Radio and others like them. Sweaty, basement style sing alongs where sparkly, melodically ringing guitars add plenty of treble to the mix, whilst the vocals are emotionally charged to the point they're almost bursting from honesty-driven, passionate delivery. They're very charismatic, and when that's combined with laid-back, but interesting songwriting (see "The Last Good Thing"), it leads into a very enjoyable expression overall.

Though there are many bands like Nobody, Ever, many of them lack the character vocally which comes from the strained expression of their lead vocalist. The added roughness just makes the songs sound that much more interesting from the strictly clean style most of their contemporaries are utilizing. If you think Red City Radio are a little too aggressive and shout too much, then Nobody, Ever should be an alternative for you.


Download: When Your Heart's Already Left, The Last Good Thing
For the fans of: Red City Radio, Hot Water Music, Dowsing, Braid
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Release date 22.07.2013

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