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Legacy EP

Written by: PP on 13/01/2014 23:56:43

"Legacy" is the sophomore EP by Her Dying Regret from Reading, UK, who have been stirring a small buzz nationally on the back of their debut EP "The Siren", which came out last year. It's an intriguing record that finds itself firmly within the metalcore realm, although it takes considerable influence from other styles as well.

While instrumentally the band's expression is fairly standard metalcore, drawing from the likes of As I Lay Dying and arguably also Zao and Heaven Shall Burn, it is in the vocal department where Her Dying Regret are at their most interesting. They have three distinct styles, the main one being a fairly standard metalcore growl, which is contrasted by a razor-sharp low-end scream that recalls both George of Alexisonfire in his early days, as well as Dan Weyandt from his work on Zao's later albums. The inevitable cleans sound like they could feature on a Five Finger Death Punch record and initially feel a little off, but they can also be compared to All That Remains' early material. Either way, they work great especially when juxtaposed directly against the sharp screams, "Legacy" being the highlight track of the EP overall. "Ashes", too, takes great advantage of the cleans to make an otherwise standard metalcore track stand out from the competition.

The internet tells me they've since then lost one of their vocalists; the promo material does mention who is responsible for what style, so let me finish the review that hoping their screamer has stuck with the band. Their primary vocalist is a dime-a-dozen metalcore vocalist with no particular identity as such (aside from his clean delivery, of course), so replacing him won't be an issue. It's the piercing supporting vocals that make Her Dying Regret stick out on "Legacy", even if they still have some ways to go before competing evenly with the big names in the genre.

Download: Ashes, Legacy, The Filthy Truth, The Shallow
For the fans of: Zao, Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, As I Lay Dying
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Release date 19.09.2013

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