Burns Like Fire

To The Ground EP

Written by: PP on 13/01/2014 23:24:18

Burns Like Fire is a tiny punk rock band from Athens, Georgia (USA), who have released one EP and a full-length prior to the release of "To The Ground" EP in the coming days. They play simplistic basement style punk rock with gravelly vocals, melodically ringing guitars, and a rowdy no-frills vibe overall that draws from the likes of Off With Their Heads and The Slow Death primarily.

Opener "Jean Shorts" is catchy enough to suggest that these guys should probably be playing FEST this year, but it could be a much better song if the band were able to muster a good production that would leave their sound cleaner and clearer than it is as of right now. The instruments sound faded out, and drown underneath the vocals way too often, and are nowhere near the crisp mixing you heard on records by the two aforementioned bands or even The Flatliners, whom the band have supported in the past. It's a shame, because normally this sort of gravelly vocals and raw, rough-around-the-edges guitar melodies are exactly up my alley. Here, the low production values make the five tracks a difficult, if not unappealing listen, especially considering just how many other bands are playing this exact style with a crisper expression. I won't write the band off because of "Jean Shorts" and partially also "Totally Worth It", but they have to improve their recording before this will take off.


Download: Jean Shorts, Totally Worth It
For the fans of: The Flatliners, Off With Their Heads, The Slow Death
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Release date 21.01.2014
Autumn + Colour

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