Tides From Nebula

Eternal Movement

Written by: JWM on 11/01/2014 21:51:08

Tides From Nebula are a Polish group with a prerogative. Since forming in 2008 they've promoted their emotional instrumental rock all across Europe And last autumn they released their third studio album "Eternal Movement".

With the opening epic catacalysm of "Laughter of Gods" you are thrown into Tides From Nebula's post-metal guitar riffing right from the start. Adam Waleszyński fires through powerful and repetitive noodling of his guitar whilst guitarist and keyboardist Maciej Karbowski offers more atmospheric guitar work, focusing on gorgeous melodies and harmonies. Lead single "Only with Presence" starts with the warm and beautiful cross of a Fightstar-styled extended introduction and dynamically and fluently meets a Three Trapped Tigers math rock style. "Emptiness of Yours and Mine" is a subtle chiming piece that would fit fantastically on any Danny Boyle film soundtrack. "Hollow Lights" brings the dynamic swing of every euphoric post-rock song you've heard and fits it in one package.

In an instrumental way there is some strong Angels & Airwaves influence. Particularly "Let It Out, Let It Flow, Let It Fly" and it's slow and paced guitars, delicate base and anthematic drumming would fit on the "I-Empire" album with incredible ease,. And "Hollow Lights", which features a studio tricked out guitar which carries the same euphoria and joy which Angels & Airwaves' "The Adventure" offers you.

As the epic nine minute closer "Up from Eden" finishes you look back at "Eternal Movement" as a beautiful and tranquil piece of work. It is the midway point between the atmospherics and electronics of post-rock and math rock's energy and technical guitar noodling. In terms of promoting this record, I sense that this is the start of a good and busy 2014 for Tides From Nebula.


Download: Laughter of Gods; Only with Presence; Let It Out, Let It Flow, Let It Fly
For The Fans Of: Mogwai; Three Trapped Tigers; Enemies; Angels & Airwaves (in an instrumental way)
Listen: Tides From Nebula's facebook

Release Date 04.10.2013
Long Branch Records

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