This Trojan State

Written by: JWM on 11/01/2014 21:50:33

"This Trojan State" is the début release from Reading based rock band Borderline:FIRE. And as begrudging as the association maybe, I hear nothing but "Start Something"-era Lostprophets and when I listen to this record. With the opening of "Mark Up", with its wavy synthesisers, abrasive guitars and griping hook, you will hear that very influence shine through and dominate your opinion of the record.

Whether it's the lyrics of "Mark Up", "Chains" and "Brainwash" and their pseudo-politics fused with motivational get-it-done-yourself message or it's "Trojan", the ballad of the downtrodden, the record doesn't offer much sonically that "Start Something" or The Blackout's "Best In Town" covered so successfully. Because when you think to yourselves what made those albums good it was the combination of epic rock songs with a diverse pallet of song structures that keep it fresh and have long standing value, while "This Trojan State" features very similar songs and ultimately lacks in the same song writing.

Borderline:FIRE is a combination of alternative rock and hard rock, completed with cocky, British tinged vocals, safe levels of screaming and with Crossfaith style wavy synths and turntable mixing. And there in-lies there appeal, as it helps to create a package of catchy songs. However the dangerously bad aspect of Borderline:FIRE's début is that although it is catchy, it's incredibly safe. It has nice melodies and catchy choruses but I feel the band need to not write songs as formulaic as their aforementioned predecessors. As it's shown in the long run it did serious damage to their widespread appeal.


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For The Fans Of: early Lostprophets; The Blackout; Young Guns
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Release Date 23.09.2013

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