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Pop Obskura

Written by: JWM on 11/01/2014 21:45:36

There is something quite enigmatic about Norwegian psychedelic rock band The Low Frequency In Stereo. Today I have here "Pop Obskura", the band's first album after a four year break from releasing since '09s "Futuro". And as I have always said, bands who pace themselves produce the best work, and TLFIS is very much proof of the rule.

Starting with the well paced drums of "Elevated/Desecrated" comes the almost immediate debut of primary singer and organist Linn Frøkedal, with vocals completely caked in reverb, creating a sound which is reminiscent of Eva Spence from Rolo Tomassi. "Colette (Subie Subie)" is a cross between the experimental and the poppier side of this band's compositional diversity. With a catchy, minimalist guitar hook sounding like a string of pinch harmonies only to be overtaken by low-tuned rhythms and poppy "Subie subie" vocals mixed with odd organs this band produces a Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Neutral Milk Hotel levels of 90s indie rock weirdness.

That weirdness never seems to budge, with tracks reaching through pure psychedelia ("Curly Hair", "Cybernautic"), Kasabian-meets-Florence and The Machine ("Black Receiver") and a historic journey through 60s chamber pop ("Satellites in Sight"). "Ionic Nerve Grip" features spoken word male vocals abrasively yelling in a sombre tone with a unreal amount of noise and concrète samples like some twisted Lou Reed or early Pink Floyd song.

If "Pop Obskura" is art rock, then this could be the poppiest art rock record I could ever hear. It's mysterious, textured and very abrasive. And yet that's not all of the story, as beyond those characteristics lies a very beautiful and intelligently composed piece of work. I can only hope that not only is this band in your scope for 2014 but they are also within the rest of the world's, as a band like this deserves some love.


Download: Curly Hair; Cybernautic
For The Fans Of: Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Neutral Milk Hotel; The Doors
Listen: The Low Frequency In Stereo

Release Date 02.10.2013

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