Left Behind EP

Written by: LF on 09/01/2014 15:19:47

After a self-titled debut and an acoustic EP including renditions of their own songs and a cover of Alice In Chains' "No Excuses", the second original EP by Canadian post-grunge/alt-rock group Breached is now out. What this band sets above all else is emotion. They want people to connect with their music says vocalist Bobby Noakes, not only because it has a great sound, but because of the lyrical content and emotion they put into it.

While the lyrical content is not really above the standard of the genre, Breached really delivers on the goal of making emotionally charged music. Vocalist Bobby Noakes has an incredibly powerful voice as it soars over the heavy distortion-laden guitars and precise explosions of the rhythm section. When he occasionally breaks over into a scream or two, for a split-second it makes you want to just mill around choreographically and knock everything in your room over in pace with the music, it's that good, especially on "Here With Me".

Everything on the EP is incredibly tight and crisp-sounding and already from the beginning of the deliciously slow and groovy EP starter "Left Behind", the listener is reminded of bands like Incubus, Staind and Breaking Benjamin. But Breached is also a band that's not afraid to spice their post-grunge sound up, either with nail-hitting screams to complement the intricate harmonies or tightly controlled tempo-changes as especially evident on "Here With Me" and "Piece By Piece".

As such this EP provides a lot of variation in the seventeen minutes it takes to get through it, while still placing itself squarely in the post-grunge genre. Breached really hits the spot with the truly great composition of "Brighter Days" which is a melodic alt rock hymn on par with the best of them that stands out as the best of the EP. Every song is individually a good one even though the EP's namesake might just be the most boring of them, which is a bit of a shame. Nonetheless this is a quality EP for fans of the genre and Breached definitely sounds like a band to be on the look-out for in the future if they keep developing their sound

Download: Brighter Days, Here With Me, Piece By Piece
For The Fans Of: Incubus, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Staind, Alice In Chains, Default

Release Date 22.10.2013

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