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What is it about Scandinavia that brings out the evil in people armed with instruments? Particularly here in Denmark as of late, a flourishing blackened hardcore/metal collaboration has emerged with The Psyke Project at the forefront, where metallic soundscapes are explored with cold, brooding winter thematics leaving behind an excruciating soundscape not for the faint-hearted. Hexis, a Copenhagen based blackened hardcore band, is the latest outfit to truly embrace the miserable fall/winter conditions of Scandinavia and find inspiration in the dampened, despaired mood that takes over people during the darkest months of the year. "Abalam" is their debut album after a series of EPs, and it is a mighty demonstration of the cacophonous symphonies of brutality and darkness that have come to characterize the best metal bands in this country.

Much like The Psyke Project before them, and partially also the post-metal of Redwood Hill, Hexis explore the brooding darkness with crushing force, utilizing a punishingly slow tempo as the means to achieve their ends. Those ends being the end of all hope and faith as you are lowered for the nth time down to the same abandoned well, where demons and freezing cold torture your will to live out of you night after night. That is literally the sort of desperate, barren imagery Hexis creates throughout "Abalam", thanks to one of the heaviest and most uncompromising guitar departments that consistently shifts between black metal and crusty hardcore violence. It feels like a ten thousand tonnes of invisible weight are pressing you down as the band use down-tuned tremolo and hopeless wails to supplement the shrieked vocal work to create apocalyptic landscapes of misery.

It's certainly one of the heaviest soundscapes you'll hear in 2014, yet amongst the mortifying darkness you can find moments of brightness, moments of peace, as the songs pause their usual relentless pounding for some slow atmospherics, black metal style. It's not just pure noise to the trained ear, the consistent wave-like back and forth sonic assault ensures there's enough going on at all times to keep the listener interested. It's a dynamic that has worked wonders for The Psyke Project over the years, so it's not surprising to find it doing the same here as well. Great start for 2014.

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Release date 11.01.2014
Halo Of Flies

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