Still A Son Of A Bitch

Written by: PP on 06/01/2014 23:03:45

If you in any way find gimmick bands or totally unserious bands a waste of time and space, you might as well stop reading now. Wolf-Face, as the Clearwater, Florida quartet are called, dress up as werewolves when playing live, sing about becoming a werewolf, and as legend tells us, their snarly vocalist Michael J. Wolf even underwent some serious changes while being a teenager and actually became a werewolf at some point during the 80s. Yes - approaching this with any level of seriousness is akin to completely and utterly missing the point. This isn't a band that's going to win the Grammy or even interested in making it out of the Florida basements. This is a band that exists solely as an avenue for its members -- reading The Good Wolf on bass, Rain-Wolf on guitar, and Wolf-fart on drums aside from Michael J. Wolf on vocals among its member list -- to have as much fun as is humanly possible.

That they simultaneously manage to write a rather catchy debut album called "Still A Son Of A Bitch" is only extra credit and is part of the reason why the underground punk scene is buzzing about these guys. Aside from being infested with samples from the 1985 movie "Teen Wolf" starring a certain Michael J. Fox, the snarly punk rock style of Wolf-Face should draw comparisons to Worlds Scariest Police Chases and Good Clean Fun for its raw and unpolished vocal style, and to other, primarily Gainesville based punk rock bands for its basement style vibes and melodically ringing riffs. With the intellectual level of the lyricism being what it is, you have to judge the album solely on its face value, and in this case the face value consists of the catchy riffs and good choruses like those found on "Love Me, Rub Me, Fuck Me Werewolf (Pamela's Song)", and in the shout-alongable "I Wanna Be A Homo (Sapien)". A few nuances of older Against Me! material can be found echoing in the background of songs like "Tonight, Tonight", but otherwise this is strictly intimate punk with a sense of humour, designed for those who prefer the sweaty basement sing alongs over bigger shows. Remove the gimmick, though, and I'm not sure how well Wolf-Face fare against others in the genre, despite a few solid songs on the record. A decent release nonetheless.


Download: Love Me, Rub Me, Fuck Me Werewolf (Pamela's Song); I Wanna Be A Homo (Sapien)
For the fans of: Worlds Scariest Police Chases, old Against Me!
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Release date 29.10.2013
Mooster Records

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