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In Beliefs EP

Written by: HES on 06/01/2014 21:45:40

In Beliefs is a Canadian emotional hardcore band currently stirring up their local scene in Montreal and this self-titled EP is the band's first. The four piece practices the most common traits of the genre nowadays with growling vocals, contrasted by melodic counterparts like light guitar motifs and heavy bass. Unlike most other bands, In Beliefs makes some really interesting mixes on the EP where lead singer Xavier Trudeau is occasionally mixed beneath the layers of guitars as in the end of the track "Serpents" and verses of "Etheral" almost reminiscent of Touché Amoré that also used this on "Is Survived By". Trudeau's voice however is a bit too screamish for the emo-box, so the band keeps waltzing between that one and the one that says "screamo".

Some of the high pitched guitar becomes a bit too loose for me on the third song "Iron Heart" which is also a melodically haltered song. However, the chaos of "Sunburn" with its dissonant guitar refrain is a lot more interesting, and the use of backing vocals - you constantly ask yourself; "is this one or many people screaming?" as the choir is mixed in and back out contrapuntally. The song ends up in an emotional crescendo with Trudeau screaming almost a cappella with very low mixed drums and guitar. Although I genuinely think some of the elements the band tries out on this album are clever, it's impossible to look through some of the album's imperfections. However - I will say that the band might be worth watching in the future, if they learn to emphasize their good ideas and maybe play more on the chaos instead of conventions.

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For the fans of: Comadre, Touché Amoré
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Release date 01.08.2013
Self released

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