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We're Only Human EP

Written by: LF on 04/01/2014 00:51:50

The band Versus Angels was formed in 2011 in Charleston, South Carolina by He Is Legend guitarist Worth Weaver, and they play alternative rock with more than a hint of post-hardcore. The "We're Only Human" EP is the first release from them and it sure bodes well for their future, as the fact that I've had several of its seven songs stuck in my head for at least a month now also points to.

They have a really powerful sound that seems to gather influences from far around and in the softer parts I could swear the vocalist sounds just like Jon Foreman of Switchfoot. Some of the songs have a distinct post-hardcore vibe while others border on power pop but what they all have in common is a strong melodic and moody side that makes the EP stick and bury itself deep inside its listeners brain, at least for a time. "This Fire Was Meant For Us Both", arguably the most aggressive of the songs, was the first that I fell in love with, and I'm still inclined to say that it's the best of the EP with its raging guitars and at times almost screamed vocals which are otherwise not abundant on the EP. The good news is that the six other songs aren't far behind this little masterpiece although they do vary in quality.

One of the better ones is the brilliantly groovy "The Ones Who've Gone Cold" with its jazzy rhythm section which would probably have been my favorite if the chorus hadn't been repeated so many times. The song clocks out at a little over five minutes as the longest on the EP, and that's a bit of shame as that kind of stretching of a really good song makes it lose part of the volatile intensity that is so appealing on every track of this EP. Even two songs as different as the very hard-rocking "Walking Out" and the ear candy of a ballad that is "Wait For You" both make you unsure whether they're going to erupt at any second.

The album ends with the solid banger of a title track, "We're Only Human", which finishes this moody EP on an optimistic note with a quote about fighting for your future lifted from the timeless movie classic "The Great Dictator" from 1940. All in all this is a solid EP worth checking out in its entirety, even though it's probably only a few of its songs that will live on in my playlist of individually good rock songs. I definitely expect good things from this band in the future.

Download: This Fire Was Meant For Us Both, The Ones Who've Gone Cold, Wait For You
For The Fans Of: Anberlin, The Spill Canvas, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Hands Like Houses

Release Date 31.10.2012

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