As I Lay Dying

Shadows Are Security

Written by: KS on 10/07/2005 14:57:55

The new album by As I Lay Dying called "Shadows Are Security" is a perfect follow-up on their previous release. It pretty much goes fast as hell from beginning to the end. They know how to make good metalcore, so why change? Though, after a while you will notice some small changes; like there's now more clean sung vocals compared to their last album, though it's not much and not often. Their last track is also a bit different from everything else they have done, because it starts out with almost 2 minutes of white noise and some kind of radio communication before the tracks kicks off. This track also has a bit of a dodgy rythm, but is excellent. This track stands out from all the others because it's so different. The other 11 songs are just awesome metalcore songs. If you were to criticize anything, it would be that the songs all might sound too similar, but that's only untill you get more familiar with the album, then you can clearly hear and tell what song it is. Awesome album from an awesome band. Don't miss out on this if you like straight-forward metalcore.


Download: Confined

For the fans of: Killswitch Engage, Darkest Hour

Release date 14.06.2005

Metal Blade

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