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Written by: LF on 31/12/2013 17:36:01

The rock-group that is Through Colour consists of five guys from Holyhead/Manchester in the UK and they have already seen some success as support band for acts like Enter Shikari and Fightstar. From just those two band-names, it's pretty certain you'd expect something different than what their sophomore release, the "Somnium" EP, sounds like. While their 2009 release "Dream in Black and White" was a solid but average post-hardcore/emo effort, this new EP consists mostly of smooth pop rock songs which are delightfully more interesting than what they did in their previous style.

The style change doesn't seem to have affected the vocals very much though, as Steve White sings mostly in the same style as always and since his voice is very dominant it doesn't play that well with the delicate riffs and playful but tight rhythms that dominate the sound of the EP. This is evident in the first three tracks which are somewhat similar in sound: "Daydream", "Lost" and "Ink". Of these three the latter is the most interesting exactly because White varies his singing more on it and this works to great effect when paired with the quality musicianship. The result is a song with an incredibly high but also strictly controlled energy level that runs like a current just below the surface of the song from the first chorus to the end of the next song. As the energy is never actually released in the song itself, it carries over into the rougher and more explosive "Broken" with its punk rock vibe and somewhat flat singing which is very different to the previous three very melodic tracks.

The album ender "Till The End" is unfortunately a bit of a letdown as it's much more boring than the other songs. It's the ballad of the EP and is just too straight to excite a listener that had just gotten used to the up-beat and richly detailed musicianship of the other songs. So leaving me with a bit of an empty feeling, this EP does show that Through Colour has found an interesting sound but also that they need to refine it more to really impress.

Download: Ink, Lost
For The Fans Of: Third Eye Blind, Lovedrug, Pompeii, The 1975

Release Date 30.09.2013
Same Dance Records

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