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Written by: PP on 16/05/2007 01:32:22

All variants of grind have never really made much sense to me in the big picture. Most of the bands boasting to belong to this wretched genre set out to become the king of the hill for making the most noise in the least amount of time. What you usually encounter are songs just barely over a minute in length, with vocals so disgusting that you feel reluctant to have the slightest peak at the lyrics sheet. But just like any genre, grindcore has its absolutely terrible acts, and blindingly good acts. Belgian Leng Tch'e hangs somewhere in between on their newest album "Marasmus", released on none other than the ultimate extreme metal label, Relapse Records.

Hence it is not surprising to find "Marasmus" both massively heavy and extreme. Vocalist Boris growls some of the most disgusting noises I've heard in the last few months, but also successfully varies his style from the hollow Illdisposed style to a more harshly yelled approach, thus adding variety and a small bit of character to the overall release.

"Lucid Denial" and "Tightrope Propaganda" are impressively solid, and both contain a robust instrumental base, so much that even the non-extreme metal fans can find attractive qualities in their otherwise ultimately ugly sound. And here's where I'll have to give props for the man behind the production desk, because the instruments never sound messy, despite audibly attempting to tear each other apart on songs like "Confluence Of Customers" or the stupendously destructive "Collapse".

Leng Tch'e ultimately fits just in between the awful and the great. The intensely crushing instrumentals and overwhelmingly heavy but clear sound separates the band from others in their style, but yet the lack of originality and the lack of idea in most of the songs draws their rating down. While the songs obliterate you, they never really seem to want to say more than just "I am Rambo. Don't fuck with me".

Download: Lucid Denial, Tightrope Propaganda, Confluence Of Consumers
For the fans of: Regurgitate, Brutal Truth, Dying Fetus, Suffocation
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Release date 12.03.2007
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