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Having made their debut some time in 2009 with ”Sonoluminescence”, Detroit-based four-piece Luder have since marked themselves by sounding as intriguing yet ‘hard-to-get’ as their equally difficult album title – making them intriguing in more than one respect. Having since returned with “Adelphophagia” – equally challenging for the standard vocabulary, Luder seems to have been wasting no time in developing their skills and exploring new sonic territories since their quite praised debut. Wasting no further time let us then have a look at “Adelphophagia”.

With opener of the album “Never Liked You”, we get a rare glimpse into the shorter songs of Luder, effectively making it the only track on this sophomore outing to dip below the 5 minute mark. Interestingly so, the crunchy 90’s-like riffing of this track seem all the more focused for it. Rather than throwing an otherwise great riff into a puddle of psych, the riff has been granted a unique opportunity of standing on its own – making this the first truly diverse experience of the album, portraying that Luder have indeed grown on their sophomore effort.

Don’t get too comfortable though, because with “Heartfelt” the band throws themselves directly into a pool of acid-drenched riffing once more, living high and mighty on the gloomy tones and the repetitive riff that lays the foundation for their sonic explorations – all the while leaving plenty of room for each member of the band to test the boundaries of the instrument being played. It’s a playful listening experience, but also on you’d have to be into beforehand to really get.

Equally so, the band continues in this direction on the following track “Ask the Sky” – albeit in a slightly more airy fashion, portraying a somewhat progressive side of Luder. On this particular track, I’m constantly getting the vibe that I should be into this, yet I’m not. As of yet, I’m still quite uncertain as to why that is, but my best guess at this moment could very well be the stale development of the track when comparing it to others of equal length on this album. The equilibrium seems rather off, as the track constantly seems to be ‘building’ with the listener never really receiving this huge climax one would initially expect to come. Ergo, the whole thing comes off rather unbalanced – making “Ask the Sky” an unexpected low of this otherwise quite solid effort.

In short, Luder seems to have improved on certain key areas since their debut. Yet somehow, I still seem to have trouble fully appreciating certain key aspects of their sound as a whole. Perhaps I’ll get it eventually – I’ll certainly keep trying.


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Release date 22.10.2013
Small Stone Records

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