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Though we don't hear all too much about it over here in Europe, the Australian music scene is nonetheless notorious for its ability to spit out great bands in all genres on a regular basis. Here's one such example within the realm of punk rock in the form of Monuments from Perth, whose debut album "Existence" is exactly what fans of melodic sing along punk are longing for, especially if they like their stuff rough around the edges, raw, and unpolished (though not badly produced).

Led by vocalist Caz Matarazzo's coarse singing style, the band take their cues from the explosive punk rock style of No Trigger, as well as the snarly, raw melodic punk of I Am The Avalanche. It's uncanny how closely Matarazzo's voice follows that of Vinnie Caruana's from the latter band, singing with a similar conviction and strained delivery that makes it sound like the songs are absolutely drenched in passion. "Howl" is perhaps the best example on the record, given how infectiously catchy the track is, but "Cold Space" and "Machine And The Beast" are also fine examples of how to make raw punk rock sound oh so catchy by injecting boatloads of melody in the process.

While references to "Avalanche United" are aplenty on the record, on occasion to the extent where you might have to double-check which band is actually behind the instruments, Monuments deliver their expression with enough raw passion and a sense for catchy melodies that it just works. While "Existence" might not be on par with the magnificent No Trigger recordings, it's not far off either. Expect to see more of Monuments at festivals like Groezrock and FEST in the future.

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For the fans of: No Trigger, I Am The Avalanche, The Flatliners, After The Fall
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Release date 09.08.2013
Hindsight Records

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