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Party In The U.F.O. EP

Written by: PP on 27/12/2013 23:41:07

Ok, a quick show of hands, how many of you guys remember the crunchy and silly version of The Wonder Years from their awesomely titled debut album "Get Stoked On It!", a record they'd rather forget in 2013 than play songs off during their live shows? I personally loved that record although I do find their newer style better in almost every way, so it's refreshing to hear another band return back to the roots of the easycore / pop-hardcore movement like In Years To Come from Madrid, Spain have done on their equally silly debut EP "Party In The U.F.O."

Basically, In Years To Come play textbook style easycore with crunchy guitars, bright hooks, gang shouts, and all the rage. The guitar tuning recalls some A Day To Remember material as well from their poppy days, whereas elsewhere the debut album by Four Year Strong resonates in the mix. There are even some screams that should instantly remind you of "Bout To Get Fruit Punched, Homie" from "Get Stoked On It!", not to mention the high pitch keyboards that are like straight off that album with a few nods towards early Motion City Soundtrack as well.

The rhythms are immensely bouncy and instantly catchy, and the choruses infectious all the way through. There's a sense of party (as is implicit given the title) and summer throughout the record, as well as a feeling of joy that can only be created when you really, really love what you're playing. So what if this isn't original, this rocks and easycore fans should keep an eye out for this Madrid bunch.

Download: Learn From Your Mistakes, Race Against Myself
For the fans of: early The Wonder Years, Four Year Strong, Handguns, Me Vs Hero, Veara
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Release date 28.12.2012

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