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Where I Rise EP

Written by: PP on 24/12/2013 00:23:29

It's been about a year since I last looked at a Young Turks release. Back then it was "Where I Lie", an emotionally torn, yet in places tough and angry hardcore album that recalled many bands from the regime led by Touché Amoré. But despite showcasing various tendencies from emotional hardcore, there was always a hint of the visceral, uncompromising hardcore in the vein of American Nightmare in the background. Fast-forward to November this year, and here we are again with a brand new four-track EP called "Where I Rise", a record which is not just the antithesis to its predecessor in terms of its title, but also in terms of its sound.

All those American Nightmare references on the previous record? They're flourishing here. Any and all nods towards the emotional hardcore scene have been mowed away mercilessly to make room for a viciously aggressive, take-no-hostages type of a hardcore expression. Melody lines are being shunned, as the band draws from the likes of Shipwreck AD to bring out a previously unseen amount of primal rage from their arsenal. This approach is both good and bad at the same time. Good, because it really allows Young Turks to deliver some of the fiercest hardcore you'll hear this year in brief, two-minute bursts of total mayhem without having to resort into tough guy bullshit, but also bad, because the subtle melody lines of their previous effort are nowhere to be found here. It's of course a matter of preference, but my vote goes for more melody in this case, although it's interesting to see the same band try a different side of the same genre.


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For the fans of: Shipwreck AD, American Nightmare, Comeback Kid
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Release date 05.11.2013
Animal Style Records

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