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Written by: PP on 22/12/2013 21:30:53

Frequent readers of will recognize me as an avid critic of the slam / beatdown style of deathcore. Usually releases in this genre are way too brutal for their own sake, leaving behind a one-dimensional sound only useful for flailing your limbs around at live venues. King Conquer with their sophomore album "1776" are going to break that trend though through their take on the style, which is dubbed as 'revolutionary metal' on marketing materials, although in reality their sound is more of a multiplexed version of slam / beatdown that breathes fresh air into the genre.

On paper, all standard deathcore markers are ticked, starting from guttural growls that turn into nonsensical gargles to the one chord slam sessions where the same, ultra down-tuned repetitive chord punishes your ears in passages slowed down to a crawl. However, unlike most other bands playing this style (Pathology, Desolated I'm looking at you), King Conquer extend their brutal beatdowns with actual riffs ranging from death metal style serpentine riffs and even metalcore sequences. "Empires", for instance, has a killer technical lead riff that wouldn't feel out-of-place on a brutal metalcore record, likewise on "Tyranny".

The added focus on more complex instrumentation accentuates the immense slam sections nicely, leaving a good contrast in between the two with a natural flow from one passage to the next. In other words, here we have actual riffs and technical solos to supplement the incredibly brutal slam chugging that inevitably crushes your skull at one point during every song. That said, given how guttural the growling is, it should be mentioned that "1776" is absolutely not for the faint-hearted.


Download: Demoralized, Tyranny, A Day Late... And A Dollar Short, Empires
For the fans of: Pathology, Desolated, Molotov Solution
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Release date 16.07.2013

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